Our Values & Principles

Zulficar & Partners is founded on the achievements, track record and expertise of its members, on the aspiration and ambition to be one of the best in the region, on a shared vision of a truly specialized Firm with global outreach and expertise. Our Firm distinguishes itself by its strict observance of a set of uncompromising values and principles that mark our identity and professional culture. We also pride ourselves for being cost and time-efficient. This is further enhanced by forming a dedicated team for each Client comprising the lawyers we believe would be best suited to advise each particular Client. Such team is coordinated by a partner who acts as Client manager. Moreover, Zulficar & Partners has a specialized department for follow up purposes to ensure providing our Clients with timely responses.

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Our Values and Principles include:

  • Seeking Professional Excellence
  • Upholding Highest Ethical Standards
  • Continuous Development and Improvement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Creative Problem Solving Approach
  • Cultural Inclusion, Equal Opportunity & Non-Discrimination
  • Exceeding Clients’ Expectations
  • Institutionalism: Key to Continuity, Sustainability and Stability
  • Promoting and Maintaining Teamwork
  • Promoting and Developing Talent
  • Specialization: Key to Quality

By and large, the distinctiveness of our Firm stems not only from our adherence to such values and principles but also from our vision to be at the forefront of the legal profession and our ability to challenge established practices and think ahead.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Our Firm prides itself as taking issues of conflict of interest very seriously and in fact maintains a strict policy for aversion of conflict of interest carried out by a specialized department of the Firm. Moreover, in application of Egyptian Law, the Firm is under the obligation to check for conflict of interest before accepting work from the Client and should not in principle provide services to another person with whom the Client has a conflict of interest in relation to the same assignment. In the event any conflict of interest arises, such as in the case of any dispute between two Clients, the Firm will, if so instructed by both Clients, exert its best efforts to assist both parties reach an amicable settlement; otherwise the Firm will desist from representing both Clients in case the parties choose to take their dispute to the courts or to arbitration.

In projects and/or transactions where adopting a Chinese wall would be feasible, the Firm could act for more than one party in the same deal subject to the approval of all parties concerned. We have implemented such Chinese walls on several occasions, particularly given that in certain cases in Egypt, the number of specialized law firms is not adequate to represent vast number of bidders, consortia, lenders and/or other involved parties in mega projects. In such cases, members of the Firm, representing a party on a deal, are separated from other members of the Firm having access to confidential information from an adverse party.

Value Added Services

Zulficar & Partners prides itself for giving each of its Clients the customized care and attention it desires and very well deserves. Starting from customizing fee proposals to tailoring contracts, Zulficar & Partners is concerned with the Client and views each as a valuable partner, whose professional success reflects and is reflected on its own.

Stemming from such care and concern, Zulficar & Partners provides its Clients with personalized professional services. Such services may include conducting small seminars and workshops. For example, when the employees of one of our Clients were starting to form a union, one of our senior associates specialized in Labour Law visited the Client’s offices located in a governorate other than Cairo to give the employees a lecture on unions and answer any questions the employees or the upper management may have. Seminars and presentations to train executives of the Client on compliance with Competition and Anti-trust as well as Anti-Bribery laws and corporate governance requirements among others are only examples of value added services customized for the benefit of our Clients.

Services provided by Zulficar & Partners also include secondment of an Associate for a limited period if this satisfies the special needs or circumstances of our Client.

Moreover, Zulficar & Partners, having the privilege of being involved in drafting new laws and taking part in national drafting committees formed by the competent Ministers or Authorities, utilizes its experience in dealing with legal problems facing investors to promote solutions through legislative changes. The Firm also provides its Clients, from time to time, with legal updates that may be relevant to their field of interest.

Furthermore, Zulficar & Partners, as one of the leading law firms in the region, enjoys having the benefit of taking part in and sponsoring events taking place in Egypt. In such cases, it gives us great pleasure to invite the Clients we believe would be interested in attending such events.

Finally, Zulficar & Partners firmly believes in its social responsibility towards the Egyptian Community and State. As such the Firm takes charge of several human rights cases and provides services for Not for Profits on a pro-bono basis. Our Partners also maintain good relations with Community leaders and State representatives, and are regularly appointed on national constitutional and legislative committees and invited to speak at leading conferences, seminars, dispute resolution symposia and events.